Wesco Cedar

Why Buy Wesco Cedar?

Wesco Cedar represents a large number of both U.S. and Canadian producers, and stocks a large inventory of cedar shakes and shingles. As a result, our customers benefit as follows:

Competitive Pricing: When a customer buys from Wesco, they can be sure of getting prices that reflect the actual market value. This allows our customers to receive competitive pricing on a consistent basis.

Product Variety: While most mills manufacture only a few specific products, Wesco stocks a wide variety of treated and untreated shakes and shingles. This enables Wesco to give customers exactly what they need when they need it - whether it's a mixed truckload of products, or multiple truckloads of the same product.

Custom Selection: Cedar shakes and shingles from different mills can vary greatly. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can deliver the right product for the job - at the right price.

Fast Delivery: Our large inventory of cedar shakes and shingles makes Wesco a valuable business partner. We are always ready to ship products - anywhere - anytime of the year.

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