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FRX® FRT Wood: Get an Extra Measure of Safety

Fire retardant treated wood has been used for decades in institutional buildings, and now it’s moving into residential applications with the establishment of codes meant to minimize the destruction caused by fire.  Some architects and builders incorporate the product into their homes and then promote its use as a point of differentiation – and more and more homeowners are using FRT wood as a matter of practicality and increased safety.  After all, according to HOME & fire, upwards of 12,000 communities in the U.S. are officially at risk from severe wildfire. 

FRX® fire retardant treated wood works automatically when exposed to fire.  No sprinklers or activation is necessary.  The FRX chemicals react with combustible gases and tars normally generated by untreated wood, and convert them to carbon char and harmless carbon dioxide and water.  Wood looses strength in a fire at the rate at which the cross sectional area is reduced.  The carbon dioxide and water vapor dilute the combustible gases to help reduce flame spread. 

By using FRX fire retardant treated wood for your projects, you get wood that impedes the spread of flames and generates less smoke (the #1 cause of deaths in fire) than normal wood.  With FRT wood components, structural damage is slowed and escape time increased.

For more information on residential and commercial products uses, please view our product applications.

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